Is this the colour of your pool?!!!

There are a lot of things that cause the algae to grow and make you pool green. Al-Guy can be green, mustard, black or even red!

The grow when your pump sleeps, if your filter is lazy or if the water chemistry is chaos.

If your pump is working, the best way to tackle this problem is to start with the water chemistry. If you pump is not working give us a call. Our service guys can fix that in the blink of an eye.

Now we know that looking after a pool is a mission and using the water test kits is a drag too.

We do a manual water test free of charge or we can do a computerised water test at a nominal fee.


Just collect a sample of your water. Rinse a clean bottle 3 times with the pool water, fill it up and bring it to Swimline at 28 6th Avenue Walmer.

Our GreenGos will make Al and Guy go Blue in you pool.