Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is my kreepy crawly not working?

Check to see if the diaphragm is broken, if the extension pipe is worn. If the float and the weight is intact. If all is in tact. Disconnect barracuda turn filter on to bypass or circulate. Let it run for about three minutes without barracuda. Thereafter plug in barracuda, if barracuda works on this cycle then something is wrong on your filtration side. Check your sand. Perhaps it needs cleaning, or if it is older than three years it needs new sand

How do I check for a leak?

Firstly check all above ground equipment i.e. pump lid o-ring, wagon wheel gasket. Using the bypass or circulate cycle with barracuda plugged in. If water lowers in your pump basket then you know you have a leak on your suction line. Otherwise mark your water level in swimming pool and you wait until the water level comes to a stand still. If it stops below the return line you know the problem lies there. If it stops at the light then the problem could lie there. Or it could be a crack in your pool itself.

Why is my water green, but I put chlorine in on a regular basis?

Check your PH and Alkalinity. If water stays green add green algaecide. Check sand in filter. Perhaps it needs a good clean out or new sand.

Why do I have a chlorine smell around my pool?

It means that there is not enough free chlorine in the pool. You should super chlorinate your pool or your pool needs to be shocked.

What happens when my chlorinator stops working and all lights are off?

Check power plug. Push on/off button. Check that the mains are on and make sure that you don't have a blown fuse.