Burning Eyes and Nose

If swimmers complain about burning eyes and nose, or dry, reddish or irritated skin, there is most likely a problem with the pool water chemistry. Causes ?

  • PH is too high or low(Should be 7.2 – 7.6)
  • Chlorine levels are too high(Should be 1-3 mg/liter)
  • the total alkalinity level is too low(Should be 80-120 mg/liter)
  • the calcium hardness level is too high.

Test the pool water and correct the levels, then you should no longer have these problems.

Green hair

Copper and Chlorine may cause green hair. It is normally seen in light coloured hair. Check the chlorine level - over 8 ppm it can cause green hair. Wait for the chlorine level to drop before using the pool. If you are using a copper-based algaecide and the copper level is too high it may also cause green hair. Copper oxide is green – you may have seen it on bronze or brass statues or ornaments. You may have heard about people washing their hair in lemon juice, vinegar, or tomato juice or even using tomato sauce to remove the green tint. The acidity helps by dissolving the copper on the hair. Cause: Repeatedly adding copper algaecides may cause the copper level to rise too high in your pool. Now, if the pH goes too high copper “sneaks” out of the water forming copper oxide that can stick to hair.The solution: Use complexed copper rather than just copper sulphate – read the label. Complexed copper is a bit more expensive, but this way you prevent staining and do not have to add copper as often so in the end it is actually more cost effective. Follow the recommendations on the product labels – and be sure to calculate the volume of you pool as algaecides are normally added at a specific rate. Copper can be removed by pumping out water or adding metal “removers” that complex the copper (i.e. grip the copper firmly and keep it int eh water so it can’t form copper oxide) in the water thus preventing or reducing the chances of green hair. 

Bleeding toes

Swimming pool often have cement, or cement and tiles on the bottom and sides. Gel-coated fiberglass pools are normally smooth but the paving/deck around the pool may be slightly abrasive. The skin probably just wore off the persons(normally the kids) from feet touching and rubbing against the edges and bottom of the pool. After a winter, with the feet being covered by shoes much of the time, the skin is softer and wears off more easily. Bring in a sample of your pool water to Swimline in Walmer for free testing and let us take the headache away from you.